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LightShow Projection

Grimmotion Creepy Girl

LightShow® Projection Grimmotion™ creates amazing Halloween lighting instantly for maximum impact with minimal effort. Featuring a creepy girl with moving eyes in red LEDs, LightShow® Projection Grimmotion™ displays magical lighting almost anywhere you enjoy Halloween lights. Use it on indoor or outdoor surfaces, including exterior or interior walls, living spaces, front doors, porches, garage doors, fences, trees and shrubs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations, parties and celebrations, or creating a dramatic focal point. Combine with other LightShow® Projection™ spotlights for dramatic and beautiful LED Halloween lights.

• Projects a spooky Halloween image with an animated light effect
• Features bright, energy-efficient LEDs
• Decorative skeleton hand casing
• Stakes easily into the ground
• Swivels to any position
• Up to 10ft of coverage

Item #: 223582
Includes: Ground stake

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