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Airblown® Inflatables
Airblown® Movie Screen will not stand up
My 4ft. Airblown® doesn’t inflate. What should I do?
My Airblown SnowGlobe™ is not functioning properly.
Operating my Airblown® Inflatable in certain weather conditions.
Why is my Airblown® Carousel twisting?
Why is my Airblown® is not fully inflating?
How can I repair my Airblown® Inflatable?
How can I clean my Airblown® Inflatable?
How to fix a fallen light in my Airblown® Inflatable?
How do I replace a light in my Airblown® Inflatable?
Why is my Airblown® Inflatable is not animating as it is supposed to?
What to do when the fan/motor has gone out in my Airblown® Inflatable?
Missing Parts
I just purchased an item and it is missing a part. What do I do?
I purchased an item as a display, after season or beyond 90 days and it is missing a part. What do I do?
Light Show
How do I synchronize the remote for my Light Show Trio?
Where is the remote for my 4ft Light Show Tree?
How can I get multiple Light Show Strands to synchronize?
How will my Light Show item operate when it is connected to a timer?
How can I better secure my Nightscape?
Fog Machines
How long does a quart of Fog Solution last?
How do I clean my Fog Machine?
What kind of Fog Solution does my Gemmy Fog Machine require?
My Fog Machine is clogged.
My Bubble Fogger is not functioning properly.
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