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Light Show
How do I synchronize the remote for my Light Show Trio?
1. Extend the antenna at the top of the Remote Control. 
2. Press the reset button on the Control Box. This will activate a flashing LED for approximately 2 minutes. 
3. As the LED light fl ashes, insert a straightened paper clip or narrow-tipped pen into the small hole on the back of the Remote Control. This activates the reset button. You should hear a small “click”, and the flashing of the LED light will stop. Your Remote Control should now be synchronized. 
4. You may now proceed to play your Incredible Holiday Light Show.
Where is the remote for my 4ft Light Show Tree?
The remote is located in the base of the tree, under the last row of branches, in a small compartment. As it is hard-wired to the tree, it is not replaceable.
How can I get multiple Light Show Strands to synchronize?
Connect the strands to each other and then plug one of the end strands into an outlet.
How will my Light Show item operate when it is connected to a timer?
If you have your Light Show set up to a timer, you will have to select the setting on the remote or control box each time thatpower is restored to the item. If you have the Airblown Light Show, the item will inflate once power is restored, but the lights/music will not come on; the button on the control box will have to be pressed. If you have the Light Show Trees, you will have to select the setting you want on the remote. There is no setting that will allow you to bypass pressing a button on the remote or control box.