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Fog Machines
How long does a quart of Fog Solution last?
This depends on many variables such as the volume of fog you set the machine to produce and the frequency of the sprays. In general expect a quart of juice to last 2-3 hours.
How do I clean my Fog Machine?
1. First, unplug the machine and allow it to cool down. 
2. Next, empty the solution by turning the tank upside down. 
3. Fill the tank about halfway full with hot water. 
4. Close the lid and shake the machine a bit with the water inside. Repeat this three to four times.
5. Empty the water and allow the Fog Machine to air dry. 
6. To store, place all components in the original packing and box. Keep the Fog Machine in its box, and store in cool, dry area until you’re ready for its next use. NEVER store your Fog Machine with fog solution inside!
What kind of Fog Solution does my Gemmy Fog Machine require?
Any fog solution will work in our machines as long as it is a water-based fog solution.
My Fog Machine is clogged.
  Please follow all steps for cleaning. Afterwards, you may clean the nozzle by using a q-tip and water and vinegar.
My Bubble Fogger is not functioning properly.
  Verify the fogger and bubble reservoir tanks have the correct solution in them and make sure the adapter is plugged in correctly. Flip the toggle switch into the "ON" position and allow approximately 2 to 5 minutes for The BubbleFoggerTM to warm up.