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Airblown® Inflatables
Airblown® Movie Screen will not stand up
  Check to make sure there are no holes or tears in the inflatable fabric frame or in any of the seams. Make sure the zippers that attach the motors to the base of the frame are completely zipped up. Make sure that nothing is obstructing airflow into either of the two fans and make sure the cord is plugged directly into a wall outlet or into a heavy duty extension cord. Another potential cause of improper inflation is a partial or incomplete connection of the plugs between the two fans. Please unplug your Airblown® Movie Screen from the outlet. Unzip the base of the frame at the first fan and locate the electric cord that exits the first fan. Find the end of that cord and the plug connected to it. Next, reaching through the opening of the frame base at the first fan, locate the electric cord that enters the second fan and the plug connected to it. Then, in your right hand hold the plug connected to the first fan while in your left hand holding the plug that connects to the second fan. Tie a simple, loose knot in the cord and connect the two plugs. Zip up the zipper at the base of the first fan and plug the item into the wall outlet. This should ensure that as the unit inflates, the plugs connecting the two fans will not become separated by the expanding base.
My 4ft. Airblown® doesn’t inflate. What should I do?
  Unplug your 4ft. Airblown® from the wall and check the adapter connection. There is a small groove on the adapter plug that matches a raised notch on the inside of the adapter port.Make sure that the adapter is connected so that the notch slides securely into the groove. Plug the Airblown® back into the wall.
My Airblown SnowGlobe™ is not functioning properly.
  If the pellets become wet, the SnowGlobe™ will continue to be inflated and look great, but the snowing effect may slow down or stop. If the snowing effect slows down or stops, we recommend that consumers simply leave the unit plugged in. The fans will continue to dry the pellets. This process may take 2-48 hours depending on the weather conditions in the area
Operating my Airblown® Inflatable in certain weather conditions.
  Operation of your Airblown® during light weather conditions, such as a gentle rain or snowfall is recommended. Please follow the following precautions for in clement or freezing weather conditions. - Your Airblown® Inflatables will operate at temperatures below freezing, but we do not recommend operating the item if temperatures drop below 14° Fahrenheit. (-10° Celsius). - Operation of your Airblown® during extreme weather conditions, such as harsh winds and storming is not recommended, as your item may become damaged or inundated with moisture. - If your Airblown® is covered in a light dusting of snow, simple re-inflation should not harm the unit. If the deflated unit has been subjected to a large amount of snow and/or ice, do NOT attempt to re-inflate. Rather, carefully remove the item from the extreme condition (i.e. bring it indoors) and allow the unit to thaw before re-inflating. We do not recommend leaving the unit out for days or weeks at a time if you expect large and heavy snowfall to build up over the unit. - If your item has become soaked with water from a heavy rainfall or melted snow and you are having trouble inflating it, move the unit to a dry location and plug it in. The fan will dry the unit. If there is a large amount of water, open the zipper closest to the soaked area and drain the water. *Do not store the Airblown® when it is wet. Please allow it to dry completely before storing.
Why is my Airblown® Carousel twisting?

To untangle the characters in your Carousel please do the following:

  • Partially deflate your Carousel by unplugging the unit for a minute and then plugging it back in.
  • Reach in through the top zipper and check to see if twisting has occurred under the characters.
  • If twisting has occurred under the characters, rotate the characters the opposite direction so that the bottom portion is untwisted.
  • After the bottom portion is untwisted, hold the top of the center with one hand while rotating the white plastic piece at the very top with the other hand until no twisting remains.
  • Close zipper. If this solves the problem, please try using a silicone spray on the upper and lower gears to help prevent this from reoccurring.

Why is my Airblown® is not fully inflating?
  The product should fully inflate, have motion, rotate, or snow properly under most conditions. If it is not, please check the following:
  • It is on a level surface.
  • The fans are level and the intake vent of the fan is not obstructed by fabric or grass.
  • The output vent (exiting the inflation fan) is not obstructed by fabric or any other foreign object.
  • The fan is plugged directly into a wall outlet OR a heavy duty outdoor extension cord
  • All zippers are zipped. Each piece may have two or more zippers. Sometimes there are zippers that are hidden in the seams. If you have a globe, sometimes there are zipper on the characters inside of the globe. Please double check to make sure all are zipped.

For items over 5ft, check the fuse. Use your fingernail or screwdriver to open the fuse compartment that is located on the plug. One is in use, the other is a spare. Flip the two. You may keep the bad fuse in hand to get another one at Radio Shack or for the future (if needed). After the fuse is in place and the cover to the fuse box on the plug is covered, plug it in and try it out.
How can I repair my Airblown® Inflatable?
Rips or holes in your airblown can be sewn by hand (no special thread is required) or taped with clear packing tape. You can also use tent repair tape to patch your Airblown, which can be found at most sporting goods stores.
How can I clean my Airblown® Inflatable?
Wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry before storing away. Use mild detergent if necessary.
How to fix a fallen light in my Airblown® Inflatable?
The lights are attached by a spandex type of cord at various areas on the inflatable. The easiest way to tell if a light has come undone is by deflating the item completely and laying the material out as flat as possible to one side, then plugging it back in (briefly), then unplugging it. When you plug it in briefly, you want to see if there are two lights closely together. Chances are, if you have two lights really close to each other, one of them has come untied from the cord. If that's the case, un-zip the zipper and find the spandex type cord that the light should be attached to and tie it back on. Unfortunately, our system does not verify how many lights are in each of the inflatables that we manufacture, nor does it give us info as to where the lights should/shouldn't be.
How do I replace a light in my Airblown® Inflatable?
In order to change a light bulb in an Airblown, you will need to unplug and deflate the item, unzip the bottom zipper (or zipper closest to the burnt out bulb), locate the bulb needing replacement, take the light cover off by squeezing it sideways and replace the bulb. The light bulbs in the Airblowns are either mini lights or C7watt bulbs, which can be found at hardware and lighting stores. If you cannot find any locally, you might want to try or
Why is my Airblown® Inflatable is not animating as it is supposed to?
Please make sure the rotating cuff does not have fabric twisted around it as this may cause tension and restrict the movement. If the fabric is twisted around the cuff, please carefully untwist it. Also, make sure the item is on a level surface.
What to do when the fan/motor has gone out in my Airblown® Inflatable?

Unfortunately Gemmy Industries does not sell replacement motors for our inflatable products. However, motors can be purchased at Although we cannot provide any support to assist you in the process, we understand that collectors of the product have been able to take care of their replacement needs by purchasing older, inexpensive units from E-bay and then transferring the parts to the newer model.