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LightShow Projection

Kaleidoscope™ Light Bulb (White)

Create dazzling holiday light instantly with the LightShow® Projection Kaleidoscope™ Light Bulb. This unique light bulb works with standard light fixtures to deliver maximum results with minimal effort. It displays a kaleidoscope of swirling white LED lights that project up to 30 feet wide. Perfect for Christmas lighting, parties or creating an eye-catching focal point in covered outdoor fixtures. Combine with other LightShow® Projection™ lights for dramatic and beautiful LED Christmas lights.

• Creates magical holiday lighting instantly
• Projects a kaleidoscope of turning, swirling lights in bright white
• Projects up to 30 ft wide
• Features bright, energy-efficient LED lights
• Fits standard E26 light fixtures
• For indoor and covered outdoor use

Item #: 39953

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