5 New Lighting Effects for Halloween

Make your home look eerie with our newest Halloween lighting effects. Add these lighting effects to your décor and spook your neighbors when they come to your door.  

1) Grimmotion™ Reaper with Moving Eye 

This Grim Reaper has his eye lurking for unwanted visitors. This skeletal figure with its hooded robe is sure to add a scary element to your home. Its eye will move back and forth to see who is hiding behind the shadows.

2) Black Light LED Spotlight 

Black lights for Halloween are classic for any outdoor display. Place this spotlight on bushes to create eerie shadows within your yard. This Black Light LED Spotlight includes a 3-way switch for customizable effects. Choose from a steady, strobe or "ShortCircuit" light effect. Our recommendation is to use the “ShortCircuit” on the front porch to create a mysterious entrance to any home.

3) Fire & Ice™ Specter Projector 

This Fire & Ice™ Specter Projector not only includes sound, but it also includes 6 different slides to create different Halloween scenes. Choose from a haunted ghost, skull, skeleton, jack-o-lantern, witch or cat. As the Fire & Ice™ lighting effect displays the Halloween icon of your choice, it will also play frightful sounds and phrases. No one will know the projection and sound come from the decorative skull casing. Available at Home Depot

4) Flying Ghosts with Witches ShadowLights

Set up indoor decoration with battery-operated LED Flying Ghosts and Witches ShadowLights™ It projects colorful flying ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and cats onto flat surfaces. It can be placed in the center of a room or paired with other decorations for the ultimate Halloween party. 

5) Blinking Red Eyes 

Surprise guests with a pair of blinking eyes (or ten). This new effect is available in Red EyesFirefly Cat EyesGhoul EyesCat Eyes and Dragon Eyes. Fill your yard with these blinking eyes to recreate this chilling GIF. How terrifying would that be? 

Let the Halloween decorating begin!