Exclusive Hocus Pocus Decor Available In-Store at Walmart

Queue the Hocus Pocus playlist on Spotify, or even better watch the Hocus Pocus movie and start decorating for Halloween with your favorite sisters. 

New this season at Walmart, is a bunch of Hocus Pocus. We find this collection quite lovely. Dressed in their iconic dresses, each stylized porch greeter is 21 inches tall and is a great addition to any Halloween decorating masterpiece. We tried selecting our favorite one, but they are pretty much a packaged deal. 

For the full Hocus Pocus effect, incorporate indoor and outdoor lighting. Our stylized Hocus Pocus ShadowLights illuminate any indoor living space. Watch as the Sanderson Sisters light up a room with color changing LEDs. 

Display a spooky ‘Hocus Pocus’ message outdoors on any flat surface with the Hocus Pocus ShadowWaves Lightshow Projection. This projection goes in and out of focus to display the creepy message. It is super simple to set up. Just plug it in and stake it into the ground. 

We are sure Winifred, Mary and Sarah would turn around to see these lighting technologies in any home or yard.

All of these items are available exclusively in-store at Walmart. Don’t forget to share your Hocus Pocus décor with us on Instagram by tagging us @Gemmy_Industries. We’d love to feature it on our page.

Happy Decorating!