Featured on Delish: Gemmy's Terrifying Serpent Is 18 Feet Long

It is finally September and we can start talking about Halloween yard decorations. If you are looking for an item to make a huge impact, check out our new 18 foot long Serpent Airblown Inflatable. 

According to Caitlyn Fitzpatrick's article This Terrifying Serpent Is 18 Feet Long, So Trick-Or-Treaters Will Surely Be Scared Of Your House, "Halloween is all about getting scared, so if you’re looking to contribute to the fun, this giant serpent is sure to do the trick."

Bright LEDs cast an eerie light to make your inflatable the centerpiece of your display. It self-inflates quickly and deflates easily for hassle-free storage.

The Giant Serpent with Flaming Mouth Airblown is available at Home Depot for $199.