Featured on Yahoo Life: Retro Halloween inflatables are selling out fast — grab one while you can!

Brainstorming Halloween decoration ideas? Ghosts and ghouls are a safe bet when you wanna get ghastly. Skeletons are sure to send chills through the neighborhood. Plant a witch and her cauldron on the front lawn and you’ve got a recipe for instant fright.

But you know what’s really scary? The fact that it’s been 37 years since the movie ‘Gremlins’ debuted — and a terrifying 71 years since Charles Schulz launched the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon franchise. Oh, but we pine for nostalgia, don’t we? I’ve never seen a Snoopy Halloween decoration I didn’t love, and apparently I’m not alone.

Check out the full article, "Retro Halloween inflatables are selling out fast" by Kristine Solomon mentioning Gemmy Inflatables at Home Depot. 

Happy Decorating!