Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts at Walmart for 2021

We are going to take our horse down to Walmart for the best Valentine’s Day animated plush collection. Featuring the hottest tunes, each animated plush has a song that is sure to make your Valentine blush or laugh.

The most sought out animated plush this year is the Darling Dancing ‘I Filly Love You’ Horse. It is not a big surprise considering the horse dances to longest-running No. 1 single ‘Old Town Road’.

Not sure whether to get your Valentine a gift because its too soon? Want to drop a subtle (or not so subtle) hint? Check out our Valentine Duck singing ‘Just a Friend’. It is sure to make anybody’s heart melt.

You’ll definitely want to sing along to this animated plush. The Swaying Toucan Duo plays "Just The Two Of Us" while moving their heads to the beat. Accented with a "Toucan Play At That Game!" heart-shaped pillow, these toucans make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone.

Check out the full collection of Valentine’s Day animated plush in-store at your local Walmart.