Living Projection™ With High-Tech Image Mapping

Theme Park Tech for Your Front Yard

You’ve seen it at your favorite theme parks and performance venues. Now, for the first time ever, you can experience it right at home.

Introducing Living Projection™ — the latest holiday decorating technology from Gemmy. 

Living Projection™ is an Airblown® Inflatable and LightShow® projector set with advanced, high-tech image mapping. Dynamic scenes are "mapped" to display within the exact shape of the Airblown® Inflatable. Each action-packed scene includes sound, music or dialogue from your favorite seasonal movies. Show a single scene or customize your selections to play once, in a continuous loop, in order or randomly.

Fun Shapes for Halloween and Christmas

Living Projection™ comes in classic seasonal shapes like a snow globe, tombstone or archway. We didn't forget your favorite characters either. Look for Halloween styles that feature Jack Skellington and Beetlejuice. Christmas styles feature Mickey Mouse and Frosty the Snowman. Delight onlookers with these dynamic shows that display eye-catching scenes they'll love

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Year-Round Use

Featuring external ports for both media and audio, you can use Living Projection™ for any birthday, celebration or gathering — anytime of the year. Use the projector to display your own images or video on any flat wall or surface. If projecting onto the included Airblown®, keep in mind that your images will not be mapped to its shape.

Available This Holiday Season

Living Projection™ offers a new and exciting way to decorate for the holidays. Now, you can experience the eye-catching, lively projections you’ve seen only at major venues — on a scale that’s perfect for holiday decorating at home. Available at select retailers this holiday season, Living Projection™ is the latest must-have holiday decoration from Gemmy.

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